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Songs for Kids

Aesop Go Hip Hop

by David P. Shortland

Released 2012
David P Shortland
Released 2012
David P Shortland
Presenting Aesop's Fables in a fresh and stimulating HipHop approach to the world.
Created by blind musician/producer David P Shortland as an exciting way to introduce children to the fables of Aesop and in turn learn some good and very relevant moral lessons about life. These songs include:

Slow and Steady Fable: The Hair and the Tortoise Moral: Slow and steady wins the race
Little Friends Fable: The Lion and the Mouse Moral: Little friends may prove to be good friends
Never Cry Wolf Fable: The Shepherd’s Boy and the Wolf Moral: There is no believing a liar even when he speaks the truth
Honesty Fable: Mercury and The Woodman Moral: Honesty is the best Policy

“I have used Aesop Go HipHop with my Year 3/4 class for the teaching of traditional stories and listening comprehension.
I can see its application in all primary year levels for the teaching of English, the Arts and Health and Personal Development. My students responded immediately to the catchy rhythms and tempo and were fully engaged in their learning tasks. This is a resource with wide application and will be well used in learning experiences for my class.” Heather. Classroom Teacher Queensland Australia


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